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Pickles make my buns soggy.

Elephant Glue
15 December 1986
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My name is Kasi. I'm 20 years old until December 15, 2007. I've lived in Bristol, VA my whole life. I live with my boyfriend. I'm currently unemployed. I did work at Wal-Mart but I quit because that place is full of a bunch of freakin retards. I hate stupid people. They bug me and they make Jesus want to punch babies. Stupidity is a common disease that can be passed on by hanging out with other stupid people. Lucky me. I haven't caught it yet. I also hate liars. More importantly, I hate bad liars. Okay, even better, I hate bad liars that still lie when you confront them about what they lied about in the first place. Anything else you wanna know? Feel free to send a message or something. ^^